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Bek with Hester and Tanith

My name is Bek Stobbart and I own, work and breed Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers in Lancashire, UK.

I have owned the breed since 2006, and currently share my life with three bitches. I am lucky enough to live on a farm in the Lancashire countryside with my partner and her Border Collies as well as various other pets and livestock - as you can imagine we have a pretty busy home!

Tollers are an active and versatile breed, suitable for active homes and those who want to take part in a variety of working disciplines and sports with their dog. They are often described as being somewhat between a Border Collie and a Retriever or Spaniel in temperament - they are active, busy and intelligent dogs that like to do things, but (usually!) have a good off-switch at home. They can be a sensitive breed and don't tend to take well to too much repetition in training, but with an understanding trainer they can succeed in many venues as well as being a great pet.

I have taken part in many different activities with my Tollers over the years, but currently my focus is on scent detection work. I am an ecologist, and Auri is currently training in conservation detection work in order to help me in my job role. As I am a beginner in this area and both me and my dogs are training from scratch, it is a rather slow process, but we are enjoying the journey!

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