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An introduction to my Tollers, past and present.


Serentan Auritus

Born 24/09/2021

Auri is the puppy I kept from the first Serentan litter. I intend to train her up to be a working detection dog, and so far she is showing potential with her great toy drive and her keen persistence. 

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Hester May 2021.jpg

Katimba Falanghina at Serentan

Born 09/11/2017

Hester is the offspring of Felix's son Dingo, and Sam Moult's import bitch Manya. When I heard these two had been bred, I just couldn't say no to a puppy! Hester has grown up to have a fantastic temperament and lovely drive to work. 

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Lochnquay Serentan Oh My Stars

Born 02/06/2013

Tanith is from Felix's third litter, born to the lovely Jenga in Canada. I imported Tanith back to the UK as a puppy. She is a beautiful girl with incredible drive to work, and I swear she thinks she is a Border Collie!  

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Camusmor Whatadream ShCM

Born 10/03/2006 Died 10/09/2018

Felix was my first Toller, who I brought home when I was 18 years old. He was an incredible introduction to the breed and together we tried many different activities, from gundog work to rally. I am happy that I still get to share my life with his progeny today.

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