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My name is Bek, and I live in Lancashire in the UK with my Tollers and my partner's Border Collies.

I have owned Tollers since 2006, when I got my first, a male named Felix. I initially fell in love with the breed as I liked the retriever breeds and was attracted to the Toller's size and versatility. Felix was a great introduction to the breed - he was a pretty easy dog to live with and train, and together we tried all sorts of different activities. He was used at stud three times and although I sadly lost him in 2018 I am now lucky enough to own his descendants.

Today, my focus with my dogs (besides being much-loved pets) is scentwork, which is something Tollers seem to enjoy. I feel it's a great way to engage the natural "hunt" instinct of a gundog in a really fun (and often useful!) way.

My partner Martina also plays a large role in the everyday life of my dogs and is a huge help in raising puppies. She is a dog trainer who specialises in working with Border Collies through her business That'll Do Academy, however she is very familiar with training Tollers too!

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