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My bitch Hester has produced one litter so far, and I do hope to breed her again in the future. My breeding aims are to produce Tollers of sound, breed typical temperament and good health, with functional structure that is free from exaggeration. Breed type would be the cherry on top, but producing show winning dogs is not my primary aim. I am very aware of the impacts of inbreeding so aim to keep the coefficient of inbreeding (COI) as low as I can.

I am a supporter of the Functional Dog Collaborative, and intend to follow their ethos of striving for behaviourally and morphologically sound dogs.

I follow Puppy Culture when raising litters - a science based protocol for puppy rearing and early socialisation. 

Future Plans

If all goes to plan I hope to breed from Hester again in 2023. I am happy to hear from people who are genuinely interested in having a Toller puppy, with a preference to those  who want to work or take part in sports with their dog.

There is a lot of demand for this breed but they are not suitable for everyone so please do your research and try your best to meet some Tollers prior to deciding they are the breed for you.

I may take some time to get back to emails so I apologise in advance.

Litter 1: The Batpups

Tollerholme Jack In A Box x Katimba Falanghina at Serentan

Born 24/09/2021

7 puppies - 1 dog, 6 bitches

More Information

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