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Serentan Alcathoe

Born 24/09/2021

Betty is a loyal companion dog who is always keen to work for her handler and can most often be found at his side waiting for the next job.
She has developed a great enthusiasm for agility and we hope to enter some competitions in 2024. 
Equally happy to greet or ignore strange dogs and people, she saves her full attention and affection for her family and best friends. 
Generally a confident dog, only strange or loud noises ever cause concern but they're quickly overcome with a bit of reassurance. 
Her ideal day is a long trek through the moors with some water retrieves to finish and back home for a snuggle on the sofa.


Health Testing

PRA: Clear by Parentage

CEA: Clear or Carrier

DE: Clear by Parentage

DM: Clear by Parentage

CLPS: Clear by Parentage

JADD: Probable Clear or Carrier

CDMC: Clear or Carrier

CLAM: Clear or Carrier

CDDY: N/N or N/Y

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-23 at 21.50.06 (1).jpeg

8 weeks

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